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Please see the following link with installation instructions - QFES Installation Instructions


1What kind of Smoke Alarms should I have?
Under Legislation it is stated by QFES that all properties are to be fitted with photoelectric type smoke alarms. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms give earlier warning than all other types of alarms. They detect the smoke before the flame.
2How many Smoke Alarms should I have Installed in my home?
By Legislation it is stated by QFES that all bedrooms and main areas within a property need to have a photoelectric smoke alarm installed. Should your property be a multiple level property, a smoke alarm needs to be installed on every level.
3What does Interconnection mean?
Inter-connecting the smoke alarms enables the Smoke Alarms to communicate with each other. This is implemented upon installation either wirelessly or hardwired. In case of a fire, this will allow all devices to sound simultaneously upon smoke detection. This ensures that all occupants are alerted throughout the property.
4How often do I need to test my Smoke Alarms?
Smoke Alarms are tested annually.
5Do Smoke Alarms Expire?
Yes, every Smoke Alarm has a life expectancy of no more than 10 Years under normal conditions of use. Should you find that your Smoke Alarms are out of date, it is important you stay protected and arrange for new ones to be installed without delay.
6What is causing my detector to beep?
Your detector is beeping, this may indicate that your battery within the detector is low of charge and requires replacement.
7What are my obligations?
Check out your obligations for each classification: Residents Landlords Real Estates

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